Audrey and Illya


Audrey and Illya is an enterprise established in 2013 by artists Amy Blackwell and Leanne Narewski. In 2015 our friend Sarah Ormanroyd joined the team!

We live, work and play in Nottingham as individual artists (and best buds, of course) and collectively exhibit, man events and run our online shop, which is regularly topped up with beautiful handmade gifts, homeware and original art work.

This summer we'll be opening our doors and inviting some of our favourite artist friends to join forces so keep your eyes peeled for exciting new developments!


Leanne/Milksprout: "My prints salute the natural world! Cats of Nottingham and wild hedgerow plants sit alongside simple, clean geometric patterns. Inspired by a love of colour, line and surface pattern, I use traditional printing techniques to make contemporary prints. Everything is drawn and printed by hand, often going through more than one print process. Drawings become wobbly lined Mono prints and are translated again into screen prints with large plains of flat colour." Leanne has recently established an new side project with her partner Rob Mackinder called Milksprout! You can find more information here!

Amy: "I'm a big fan of mixing up bright, bold and contemporary patterns with more traditional examples of portraiture. More clashing colours and shapes, the better. I love drawing people and characters from my imagination, inventing stories about them. I find inspiration in nature and colour combinations, folk stories. I love to paint, print, knit, cut and stick. I imagine something I'd like to see and set about making it." To see more of Amy's work head over to her website!

Sarah: "The things I make hope to raise a smile and tell a story. I like to site nature's characters: Plants, animals and birds in amongst geometric shapes and patterns and settings to create objects that are useful and decorative. I hope they bring a little bit of joy to their new owners."

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You'll always find regular updates/glimpses of current projects and behind the scenes snapshots over on our facebook page - here's a link!

All products for sale on this site have been lovingly handmade by either Leanne, Sarah or Amy. If you have any questions or creative adventures you'd like to invite us on feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

And it's important to remember colours may vary slightly from screen to screen! 

All photography and images used on this website copyright Amy Blackwell, Sarah Ormanroyd and Leanne Narewski. Please do not use or reproduce images with out written permission from the makers, thanks for understanding!