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Custom Pet Portraits

Custom Pet Portraits

Custom pet portraits by Amy Blackwell. Please read all of the info below before purchasing, thank you! :)

Would you like a personal digitally illustrated print of your fur-baby?  - Well look no further!

Custom illustrations usually take between 1-2 weeks to complete but this may vary depending on current workload and the time of the year (expect delays closer to Christmas).

This listing is for one print measuring 21cm x 30cm - A4. Landscape or portrait featuring a picture of ONE pet.

If you'd like to feature additional cats in the same picture (3 cats per portrait MAX) or would like multiple copies of the print to share with friends or family, that's absolutely fine - here's a list of extra costs:
  • Extra prints - £10 per print.
  • Additional pets per print - £15 per pet. (Please note, if you wish to order individual portraits of your pets you will need to order separate pet portraits)
  • upgrade to an A3 (30cm x 42cm) print - £5 per print.

Any of these extra options can be added to the order after purchase - I will send you a Paypal invoice/money request to cover any additional costs. 

Ready?? Here's what to do next:

Once your payment is complete I will need a few detailed pictures of your cats. Clear pictures of their face (front and side views). Fur patterns, paws, tail etc. If they have a favourite toy you'd like me to feature in the drawing - send me a picture of that too! 

Once I've done a rough layout sketch I'll email it to you so we can tweak the layout and likeness to look just right. If there are any specific colours you'd like me to use, let me know.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware this is an artists representation of your pet. They are not "lifelike", I am using my artistic licence and creating an "Amy B" style caricature of your pet. The portraits will be based on the photos you send me. I will do my absolute best to make sure it's an accurate likeness based on what you've told me and the pictures I've seen.

When it's finished I'll email you a picture of it and get it printed and on its way! Hurrah!

Easy Peasy!

I retain the copyright to these illustrations and hope to collect enough to perhaps put into a book or to exhibit in the not to distant future. By completing the transaction you agree to the terms (use of the illustrations) above. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

50 GBP