Audrey and Illya


The portraits are finally available! And there are so many little options to pick from.

Size - A4, full colour, signed on the back.

Prices start...
  • Solo portrait - £100.
  • Couple Portrait/You and your pet - £140.
Once you've completed the transaction I'll drop you an email and bombard you with a few questions and request some pictures. If you have something in mind (eg, colours, patterns) let me know. Also if you fancy something a bit more wild you can chose to have a more colourful version of yourself drawn (take a peek at picture number 3). Or you could just step things up a notch and have a leaf/flower crown instead. Whatever you fancy. 

I should point out I don't draw specific backgrounds (like tree's or houses or hobbies) , I like to keep it pattern themed so if you have something patterny in mind let me know. And I currently don't draw family portraits. I'm starting small to see how I get on but keep your eyes peeled as this might be something I tackle further down the line.

Portraits usually take 3-5 working days to complete. But please allow for extra time during the busy seasons, Thank you!
100 GBP